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HomeRelationship to Non-Profits
TWN Relationship with Telluride's Non-Profit Organizations
In keeping with our TWN mission statement, it is our policy to refrain from promoting or contributing to any non-profit organization. TWN is not a 501C3 philanthropic organization.  Many of our members belong to or contribute to many worthwhile organizations. It is not a surprise that many non-profit groups come to TWN to promote their causes and events.
Any TWN member may request that a notification of a non-profit event be put on the TWN calendar if it does not conflict with a TWN event.  There will be no specific emails sent out under this policy.
If a member is able to coordinate a discount to fellow TWN members for a non-profit event, an email may be sent advising members of the discount for the event.
Within the discretion of the Events Chair, she may make a TWN event around any non-profit event, for example, a happy hour or dinner before or after an event.
Facebook is exempt from this policy.  We can offer non-profits a comment on our Facebook page, giving publicity to the non-profit.